Stage Assignments

Stage 1

All grades up to age U9

Stage 2

All grades ages U10 & U11

Stage 3

All grades ages 11 & older

Stage 4

All PC

Stage 5

First feis / Beginner 1 followed by OC and PC sets (at 9:00 AM)


All Stages

Stage 1, all grades up to age U9

Stage 2, all grades ages U10 and U11

Stage 3, all grades ages 11 and older

Stage 4 - all PC

Stage 5 - First Feis / Beginner 1 followed by OC and PC sets (at 9:00 am)

Numbers in parentheses are numbers of paid competitors

Boxed competitions will be run concurrently, but will be judged separately

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
309PD(9) 112LJ(1) 609PC(7) 710OC(1) 312PD(1)
408TS(12) 205LJ(3) 610PC(8) 712OC(4) 412TS(10)
409TS(15) 206LJ(10) 611PC(9) 714OC(5) 413TS(7)
509TS(8) 207LJ(8) 612PC(12) 610SD(7) 512TS(8)
308TJ(12) 208LJ(4) 613PC(11) 766OC(2) 514TS(6)
309TJ(3) 209LJ(2) 614PC(26) 716OC(10) 515TS(7)
408TJ(16) 112RL(1) 615PC(15) 611SD(4) 312TJ(3)
409TJA(14) 206RL(5) 616PC(15) 618PC(9) 412TJ(18)
409TJB(13) 207RL(8) 617PC(9) 718OC(7) 413TJ(6)
509TJ(14) 208RL(4) 615SD(10) 719OC(3) 414TJ(7)
308HP(15) 209RL(2) 613SD(7) 512TJ(21)
309HP(6) 112SJ(0) 614SD(8) 513TJ(12)
408HP(14) 207SJ(5) 514TJ(12)
409HP(23) 208SJ(2) 515TJ(5)
509HP(13) 311PD(8) 516TJ(5)
308RL(15) 410TS(11) 312HP(5)
309RL(9) 411TS(8) 412HP(15)
407RL(7) 511TS(3) 413HP(6)
408RL(18) 311TJ(5) 414HP(9)
409RLA(12) 410TJ(14) 512HP(22)
409RLB(12) 411TJA(12) 513HP(12)
508RL(9) 411TJB(13) 514HP(9)
509RL(16) 510TJ(11) 515HP(8)
307LJ(7) 511TJ(16) 312RL(3)
308LJ(10) 311HP(6) 412RL(19)
309LJ(8) 410HP(11) 413RL(7)
407LJ(6) 411HPA(13) 414RL(7)
408LJ(14) 411HPB(12) 512RLA(12)
409LJ(19) 510HP(10) 512RLB(12)
508LJ(9) 511HP(11) 513RL(11)
509LJ(7) 311RL(10) 514RL(10)
307SJ(8) 410RL(11) 515RL(11)
308SJ(11) 411RLA(12) 312LJ(4)
309SJ(6) 411RLB(12) 412LJ(10)
408SJ(17) 510RL(15) 413LJ(7)
409SJA(15) 511RL(17) 512LJ(9)
409SJB(15) 311LJ(11) 513LJ(6)
509SJ(14) 410LJ(9) 312SJ(2)
411LJ(12) 412SJA(12)
511LJ(6) 412SJB(12)
310SJ(6) 413SJ(5)
311SJ(5) 414SJ(7)
410SJ(12) 512SJ(15)
411SJ(21) 513SJ(12)
510SJ(14) 514SJ(9)
511SJ(16) 515SJ(6)
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Important Notes

  • There is NO pre-registration the day before the feis
  • Registration starts at 7:30 the day of the feis
  • All First Feis / Beginner 1 are on stage 5
  • Boxed PC/OC competitions will be run concurrently, but will be scored separately
  • Mass will be held at the Pettit Center at 3:30pm or shortly after the feis is finished
  • The Badger State Feis Scholarship will be awarded at 8:30am and the dancing will start immediately after the presentation