Registration to the
2013 Badger State Feis
is through

Entries will be accepted ONLINE ONLY through Feisworx
No mail-in, emailed, or phone entries will be accepted

Payment at time of registration via credit card on-line is required.  Entries without complete payment are not complete.

  • Registration will close July 8, 2013 or when the feis has capped. 
  • Changes and registrations made between 7/9/13 and 7/18/13 will be subject to a late fee of $10.00 per dancer. These changes, additions, and payments must be made through Feisworx.
  • Changes or registrations made Friday before the feis or the day of the feis are subject to a $20 per dancer fee if they can be accommodated. 
  • Absolutely no refunds!

Please Note:
Registration is NOT confirmed until confirmation of payment is received by Feisworx. 
Please make sure that you have verified your payment with Feisworx 
before the closing date of July 8, 2013 to avoid late fees.

Feis Entry Caps
waiting list will be available
Non-championship 950 Entries
Open Championship 75 Entries
Preliminary Championship 200 Entries

Fee Schedule
Solo Dance:
Preliminary Championship:
Open Championship:
Figure Dancing:
Maximum Fee per Family 
(treble reel not included):
Late Registration Fee per Dancer 
(after 7/8/13):
 Late Registration or Change/Addition Fee 
per Dancer  (7/19/13 or 7/20/13):
$  20.00
Treble Reel (charity dance)
This fee is not included in family max:
Online results and parking is included in fees

All fees must be paid at time of registration at